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wish i was younger

During my almost 20hr-flight alone back home last jan, I had lots of thinking abt my obsession/plans after graduation insya Allah this october!

Here’s the list:
•study french! It sounds so sophisticated 😛
•take course or AAS degree in st.martin. Its been my obsession for 2years now 😦
•study culinary. Cordon blue, of course.

Well I know all these above can be achieved easily by going to europe. But I also have this big dream of residing in us! Hahaha. I wanna get into one of those ivy league uni! I know my dad wud be over the moon.

Banyak maunya yah? Tolong! Help me planning my life! Dan oh one more thing, my parents want me to get into the work field ASAP. Actually, I also wanna get a job as long as it is abroad haha 😦

Aku bingung. So much I wanna do. U r very greedy, inda.

Oh well or shud I not plan anything at all so I wudnt be dissapointed? I despise dissapointment anyway.

Which one better?

I don’t know!!
Well I guess I just have to my best now n let God do the rest


10 Paradoxs

There are 10paradoxs here. And to analyze this, I am going to use all of you guys’ (my friends) posts abt “the most creative ppl”. We’ll see whether they fit this criterion. I dont know whether I am right but this is gonna be interesting! What a creative way to do an analysis right, pak nggermanto? hohoho 🙂

1. Creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but they’re also often quiet and at rest. Mm this one goes to…. Denis’ pick! Ludwig Van Beethoven! Mmm.. he lost his hearing that made him go depressed. Very quite and not socializing at that time but i think that was when the creativity process took place. that made him explored more into the music. and making melodies isn’t that easy! it is exhausting therefore he must have great deal of physical energy dont u think huh?

2. Creative people tend to be smart yet naive at the same time. Om Bill Gates you belong here. He’s smart yet he stole other people work. And that stolen act is the one that reflect his naiveness. He’s not dumb that he stole other people work, he’s just way too smart to not. Get it?

3. Creative people combine playfulness and discipline, or responsibility and irresponsibility. Definitely belongs to Marc Jacobs. Kenny nominated him as the most creative person. Well, I think being creative means you have to know the right mixture of the yin and yang. And he does it just right. Look at his ads, they all have this same pattern that makes ppl instantly knows that it’s marc jacobs ad. Very consequent (read: discipline) in the outline of the ad. But at the same time, each of the ad has their own unique feature that show the designer’s playful attitude.

4. Creative people alternate between imagination and fantasy, and a rooted sense of reality. This one goes to JK Rowling. Nominated by both of my friends, Aska and Miu. It is undeniable aite? Most of the fantasy writer is well using too much fantasy. But not her. She wrote books about these three young kids. Two of them are muggles or just simply human and do a very normal human thing. But they also got the chance to see the fantasy of magic world where there are these trolls, flying brooms, talking hats, and many more. And she used her imagination to make the quidditch thingy happened in the book. She just knows how to attract people with the plot.

Oh yeah, I think Stephanie Meyers also fit for this category. She did not write the plain blood sucking vampire but a beautiful vampire with emos. Things that we’ve never read before.

5. Creative people trend to be both extroverted and introverted. Nisa put Coco Chanel as one of the most creative persons in the world. Lets analyze! But well I think it is pretty obvious! Look at her designs! She was the first designers that introduced the modern philosophy of fashion to women. Back then, all the girls wore this huge gigantic dress that it is for hard for them to move in it. But then Coco made a breakthrough with menswear insprired fashion! Girls loved it and it became the new sensation! In the same time, she was also introvert. Because in a way, she managed to still make the girls look womanly, chic, feminime and beautiful. She knew that woman is still a woman afterall.

6. Creative people are humble and proud at the same time. We’ll analyze the famous Mr. Trump. Ica Super picked him. Do u guys watch his show The Apprentice? You could see him being humble and proud at the same time. How could you not? He’s showing off his wealth for god’s sake! yet he teaching people on how to be strong in the business. He knows that the mixture of both can be such an interesting concept of TV show and of course will produce some dollars yo! He just knows what people want. Such a creative thought!

7. Creative people, to an extent, escape rigid gender role stereotyping. Mr. Perez Hilton maybe? Gossiping is one of the true talent that women have. But well, he aces it! His way of gossiping is very very fascinating! This proves that creativity is not about the people, it’s about their ability to think outside their mind.

8. Creative people are both rebellious and conservative. Well, the person I am going to use as the example is Madonna. Andina wrote Madonna as one of the most creative public figure in the world! And i have to agree with her! Madonna is undoubtely very very rebellious. Left home at early age, still dressed like a girl in her twenties while her age actually is 50 (am i right?), often do rebellious act (remember her kissing with britney and christina? or maybe her Like a Prayer music video where she was seen with black negro Jesus?). Interestingly, at the same time she also is a very strict conservative mother. Yes, TV is prohibited at their kids’ room. She baptized her kids. And all those mothers’ thingy.

That might be one of her trick to still be on the top of the game. I mean, she can really make ppl wonder, does motherhood change her life dramatically? And well that was the headlines for many magazines at that time. She is creative in making ppl buzzing abt her. Um well, or maybe her management. I dont know.

9. Most creative people are very passionate about their work, yet they can be extremely objective about it as well. Steve Jobs. Many of you put him as the most creative persons. Who wouldve doubted Jobs’ passion over his work huh? However he is also very objective in seeing his result. Most of the people would be very subjective of their result. They think it’s the best. That’s different from Steve Jobs.

Nih ya I’ll quote from Rafdy “Contohnya setiap generasi baru dalam laptop Macbook Pro penambahan selalu disertai oleh pengurangan spesifikasi yang dianggap kurang menguntungkan oleh Steve. Macbook Pro edisi terbaru di cabut VGA dan ditambah Spesifikasi untuk menambah kecepatan proses loading. Bukti lain bahwa steve jobs suka dengan penambahan dan pengurangan ialah I-Pod yang dulunya memiliki fitur radio pada generasi terbaru di tahun 2008 tidak ada radio’.” Hmm most of the people might deny that their product has weaknesses and try to just live with that. But Steve Jobs, he innovates and he does not shy to delete what needs to be deleted.

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” – Steve Jobs

10. Creative people’s openness and sensitivity often exposes them to suffering and pain, yet also to a great deal of enjoyment. This quality belongs to Miss Paris Hilton! Yes ushie, your pick! Actually, I dont know if she’s creative or really dumbass girl. But hell daaaamn maaaaaaan! Yes I think she’s creative… in a way hihi. Let me tell you, she does not have any talents! No no no not at all! But now she’s like this new business mogul in pink. Her openness in letting people watched her in Simple Life exposed her to suffering and pain.

Conclusion: Being creative means you have to be able to use both opposite sides of you effectively. Ah and one thing I learnt, all these people they know what they (and us) really want and able to turn it into reality

kok mirip yah?

suri cruise

suri cruise

liat yg paling kiri
liat yg paling kiri


10 things apa gitu..

I am scared of lots ordinary things.

Yes, I wont let you guys know what those things are. Just few closed friends know it. Hahaha. Curious eh?


I used to HATE Rindra.

Hahahaha! Beneran deh! Karena bokap gw was (actually also is) like so smitten with him that it made me jealous. I remember saying this to ayah, “Ayah tu selalu manggil rindra smart boy smart boy! Sama aku ngga pernah! Ayah pilih kasih!” OMG! I can’t believe I was jealous of newborn baby! That’s so lame! N my dad replied “yauda mulai sekarang kamu ayah panggil smart girl!”. Huuuh like that helps. But now I am totally in love with rindra hihihi


Ive always wanted a big brother

Well, banyak sama ya ama yg lain. I guess it is the syndrome of being the oldest daughter in the family kali ya.


Can’t resist the urge of splurging

Jarang sih but once this thingy hit me, I don’t think of anything. I just hit the shelves and end up resenting the purchase. Silly me haha.


Waxing is therapeutic

Haha. Setiap gw agak2 stress, I’ll just go to the nearest salon dan di wax! Haha. Lo semua harus nyoba sensasi pas ditarik wax nya. Itu tuh lega banget kayak ”aaaaaaaaaah..” and ur problems seem like go away for… 2minutes haha. Ini recommended bgt!!!!! Drpd lo mabok2an, just try waxing!


I was very much in love with BRIAN MCFADDEN!

Hahaha. Gw bahkan dulu membuat collage our of his pictures in magazine! So silly! Tapi dulu gw suka banget brian dengan rambut2 jabrik2 pirangnya. Hahahaha.


IKEA dolls and Gantungan kunci boneka.

Mengoleksi boneka ikea adalah hobiku. Mulai dry g ulet bulu sampe kucing, I have it all! Haha. Theyre bright and comfy to hug. And u shud see my car! Disana tergantung berbagai jenis boneka gantungan. U name it, i have it! Madagascar? Ada! Sesame street? Ada! Kungfu panda? Ada! Hahaha.


No coffee!

Yes, my father does not allow me to drink coffe, but I love it anyway so.. Ssshhh no tell! K?


I loathe doctors and medicine

Ahauhauhauhaa bukannya gimana2 ya. Tapi I have traumatic memory with doctor! When my mom was diagnosed with tumor in her womb, I was there hearing all the conversation. N it scared the hell outta me, really.



Yes yes very addicted to jacket! Lemme count it! Yes people, I have more than 15jackets in my closet right now. Not to mention yg ada di jkt. Haha. Sorry mommy I know u hate this obsession.




hahaha udah tuuuuuuuh! terus diapain nih? ngga ngerti deh gw.. mohon penjelasannya ibu ibu.


cinderella story.

i got very very emotional that i burst into tears knowing that Obama won the election. this is not just about him being the commander in chief of US. this is a reality of cinderella story. who would have thought that black person can be the president-elect of USA? theyre black for god’s sake! the ones who had no rights to vote long ago. theyre the ones who always get discriminated until now.

Obama being president is like giving a new rush of inspiration for me. i, frankly speaking, do not care about his policy watsoever since i am no american teehee! but this makes me realize that well  we can do anything! ANYTHING! YES WE CAN! this makes me believe in chances and possibilities. isnt it just perfect to tell your kids that nothing in this world is impossible? it is yes. moreover, i also think that this is very beautiful that ppl no longer judge others by their skin tones or anything else. this beautiful thing should make us realize that we should not judge others and give them benefit of the doubt cause instead. yes this is kinda funny how one thing could change the way we think maybe for forever. this election should change the way people think. this should be the inspiration for ppl all over the world.

Have you guys seen Obama’s victory speech? Well, i was overwhelmed by his speech. Really moving. i was also moved when he talked abt his grandma. That was a bittersweet victory. To win when u just lost your grandma. Huuuuuuuuu. I am so sorry for being very emotional and writing this cheesy post hihi.

And hey guys, his middle name happens to be Hussein. It is Barrack Hussein Obama. So do u guys think there will be a great chance to get US visa easier for those who have arabian style name? haha! well, lets have our fingers crossed amien!

Maybe I’ll write email again to white house. But this time will be different. Instead of begging for Iraq, I’d like to send them thank you note for Mr. Bush that he eventually will leave the white house and congrats them to have new president. 

US is ready for a change. Are we, Indonesia, ready for a change?  That’s our HW!

Well, congratulations President Obama! Hope u can do good! Me’s signing off.

musim hujan telah tiba!

yes yes yes! i loooooooooooooove rain! mari bermain air hujan hihihi

anyway, ive been thinking abt lots and lots and lots plan. and i need you guys to make it happen. here’s my plan and pls do comment whether you wanna join. the more the merrier! 😀

  • make more videos! yes yg kyk “LEMPAR BATU SEMBUNYI TANGAN”
  • bkn map GoBandung! That’s my CI project
  • main ATV!!
  • Ke Taman Safari. Coba yg walk2 apa itu loh.. sounds fun
  • Menjelajahi Jawa Barat. Come on guys! This is our last year! We have to have something worth remembering aite?
  • Ke citylight. yes, ive never been to any one of them :S
  • main arung jeram!

Well, let me know yah. Dan kalau ada plan lain yg menarik, count me in! I am in the BERMAIN mood 😀

can it be stopped please?

kredit macet in US. Bailout $700billion to save those related institutions. US is going through major financial exchange. next days..Indonesia Stock Exchange suspended its trade. The index went down by more than 10%. what next?

scary guys. this is scary. we depend quite heavily on US. they’re going down, we’re going down. (yea just like jack and rose in titanic. hope we’ll be rose this time.) things have been deteriorated since the yknow the announcement of “kredit macet” (I wonder what do they call that in english? mm..) di sektor perumahan US. i am dissapointed on how careless those financial ppl in US in giving subprime mortgage? where are those harvard gradutes?? winner of nobel prize?? arent they supposed to be aware of this? well, i dont know maybe they are already aware. ppl make mistake. ooh! if only you ppl were not so greedy!! come on! offering those derivative thingy without actually doing the real thing they should do? just decorating it from the outside while it actually really ugly inside? come oooon! (LOW BLOW i say. or like my little brother says “WHATEVER MAJOR LOSERS!”)

maybe it is time for us to stop hura-hura and start saving money. god knows what might happen in the future. what i am really scared abt is what if the 1998 situation will happen again? that is so scary. i am scared. i mean, i havent graduated yet. i do still have all these dreams of studying master abroad, taking courses, having my own chic bakery, etc. what would happen to my dream if the crisis hits us? and frankly speaking, i am not ready to give up all luxuries that we just got. things like burger king, starbucks, sushi tei, cold stone, zara, topshop, etc. (yes i admit i am a consumtive person). once the thunder comes, i bet they will all go away, hilang dari pandangan. (scary huh? dont be naive! :P)

what makes it more scary is that even warren buffet said that this can be the “PEARL HARBOUR 2 “! (well, he said that before the bailout though. but still!!) and what would happen if the bailout fails? i cannot imagine that.

so guys, start to put coins into ur piggy bank account. sedia payung sebelum hujan! and well, do not be greedy.

well, i dont know. it is just my thought. my very sok tahu thought. it is just my two cents.