wish i was younger

During my almost 20hr-flight alone back home last jan, I had lots of thinking abt my obsession/plans after graduation insya Allah this october!

Here’s the list:
•study french! It sounds so sophisticated 😛
•take course or AAS degree in st.martin. Its been my obsession for 2years now 😦
•study culinary. Cordon blue, of course.

Well I know all these above can be achieved easily by going to europe. But I also have this big dream of residing in us! Hahaha. I wanna get into one of those ivy league uni! I know my dad wud be over the moon.

Banyak maunya yah? Tolong! Help me planning my life! Dan oh one more thing, my parents want me to get into the work field ASAP. Actually, I also wanna get a job as long as it is abroad haha 😦

Aku bingung. So much I wanna do. U r very greedy, inda.

Oh well or shud I not plan anything at all so I wudnt be dissapointed? I despise dissapointment anyway.

Which one better?

I don’t know!!
Well I guess I just have to my best now n let God do the rest


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