This post is dedicated to my beloved friend for these past 2years, ERICKX! (damn maaaaan! haha)

Hospitals. Since i dont know when, the fortunate people of Indonesia have always been going back and forth to Singapore or Malaysia to get medical check up or whatever. Well, it is perfectly understandable. The country’s ambiance is peaceful there, the hospital has this great service and so on and so on. But the price? Well, expensive man! We’re losing our money! But unfortunately, Indonesia Governemnt never take any action over this. WHY NOT PEOPLE??

Well, my father is quite concerned about this. He has this idea in his mind but well.. you know.. just an idea. Why dont we make nice international hospital in BALI? In I dont know.. Kintamani or somewhere peaceful and quite. (kuta is off-limit of course). We can get like HUGE PROFITS from there. Imagine you’re in a hospital room and you can see the mountain or the beach outside. It might help you getting better fast! We can sell the idea like “getting treatment while enjoying holiday”  “being treated at peaceful area makes your recovery faster” or it can be the perfect hiding place for those rich ladies who undergo liposuction or whatever! The service also has to be perfect! Make a joint agreement with I dont know.. John Hopkins? Gleneagles? Mayo clinic? Siapapun deh! The domino effect of this will be huge I think. They’ll fall in love with the scenery and continue their stay for holiday thus bringing money for Indonesia! (Yes, me and my scenario haha). I bet Aussie will like this very much. We can even have singaporean and malaysian to be treated there (yeah..)


Ric! Make it happen! But oops.. your brother might not be fascinated by this idea. Too much bikinis huh? Hahaha


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