cinderella story.

i got very very emotional that i burst into tears knowing that Obama won the election. this is not just about him being the commander in chief of US. this is a reality of cinderella story. who would have thought that black person can be the president-elect of USA? theyre black for god’s sake! the ones who had no rights to vote long ago. theyre the ones who always get discriminated until now.

Obama being president is like giving a new rush of inspiration for me. i, frankly speaking, do not care about his policy watsoever since i am no american teehee! but this makes me realize that well  we can do anything! ANYTHING! YES WE CAN! this makes me believe in chances and possibilities. isnt it just perfect to tell your kids that nothing in this world is impossible? it is yes. moreover, i also think that this is very beautiful that ppl no longer judge others by their skin tones or anything else. this beautiful thing should make us realize that we should not judge others and give them benefit of the doubt cause instead. yes this is kinda funny how one thing could change the way we think maybe for forever. this election should change the way people think. this should be the inspiration for ppl all over the world.

Have you guys seen Obama’s victory speech? Well, i was overwhelmed by his speech. Really moving. i was also moved when he talked abt his grandma. That was a bittersweet victory. To win when u just lost your grandma. Huuuuuuuuu. I am so sorry for being very emotional and writing this cheesy post hihi.

And hey guys, his middle name happens to be Hussein. It is Barrack Hussein Obama. So do u guys think there will be a great chance to get US visa easier for those who have arabian style name? haha! well, lets have our fingers crossed amien!

Maybe I’ll write email again to white house. But this time will be different. Instead of begging for Iraq, I’d like to send them thank you note for Mr. Bush that he eventually will leave the white house and congrats them to have new president. 

US is ready for a change. Are we, Indonesia, ready for a change?  That’s our HW!

Well, congratulations President Obama! Hope u can do good! Me’s signing off.


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