can it be stopped please?

kredit macet in US. Bailout $700billion to save those related institutions. US is going through major financial exchange. next days..Indonesia Stock Exchange suspended its trade. The index went down by more than 10%. what next?

scary guys. this is scary. we depend quite heavily on US. they’re going down, we’re going down. (yea just like jack and rose in titanic. hope we’ll be rose this time.) things have been deteriorated since the yknow the announcement of “kredit macet” (I wonder what do they call that in english? mm..) di sektor perumahan US. i am dissapointed on how careless those financial ppl in US in giving subprime mortgage? where are those harvard gradutes?? winner of nobel prize?? arent they supposed to be aware of this? well, i dont know maybe they are already aware. ppl make mistake. ooh! if only you ppl were not so greedy!! come on! offering those derivative thingy without actually doing the real thing they should do? just decorating it from the outside while it actually really ugly inside? come oooon! (LOW BLOW i say. or like my little brother says “WHATEVER MAJOR LOSERS!”)

maybe it is time for us to stop hura-hura and start saving money. god knows what might happen in the future. what i am really scared abt is what if the 1998 situation will happen again? that is so scary. i am scared. i mean, i havent graduated yet. i do still have all these dreams of studying master abroad, taking courses, having my own chic bakery, etc. what would happen to my dream if the crisis hits us? and frankly speaking, i am not ready to give up all luxuries that we just got. things like burger king, starbucks, sushi tei, cold stone, zara, topshop, etc. (yes i admit i am a consumtive person). once the thunder comes, i bet they will all go away, hilang dari pandangan. (scary huh? dont be naive! :P)

what makes it more scary is that even warren buffet said that this can be the “PEARL HARBOUR 2 “! (well, he said that before the bailout though. but still!!) and what would happen if the bailout fails? i cannot imagine that.

so guys, start to put coins into ur piggy bank account. sedia payung sebelum hujan! and well, do not be greedy.

well, i dont know. it is just my thought. my very sok tahu thought. it is just my two cents.


4 responses to “can it be stopped please?

  1. mmm.. nda, kayaknya judul lo salah dehh, bukan $700 million nda, tp $700 billion… ck ck ck..

  2. Engga loh daaan. bener kok gw nulis nya billion. makanya coba itu dilihat dengan benar lg ckckckck..

    hahahaha ga deng dan udh gw benerin hauhauahuha. thx anyway

  3. bagus2.. makanya klo mo nulis ttg topik yg berat2, mending lo konsultasi dulu deh ama gw. . hahaha

  4. ngga ah.
    gw bth partner yg sebanding lah ama gw. sri mulyani2 gitu deh..

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