The most creative person on earth

huff actually i cannot decide who’s the most creative person on earth. theyre just too many and too creative to be compared with each other. but i know the most creative person that i adore these days. this is it..

paris hilton and perez hilton

paris hilton and perez hilton

no no no! i am not talking abt paris hilton! *she’s also creative tho. but i am talking abt the guy in purple suit! he is PEREZ HILTON! *and no! he is not paris’ relatives or watever. do u guys know who he is? well, some of u probably know.

he’s making almost 20millions of dollar per year by just.. writing posts on his blog! OMG! can u believe that? and he is not even doing some hard thinking or watever, he mocks celebrities in his blog! he is BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE! revenue from ads in his blog is almost $60,000 a day! GOD! thats awfully lot!

he knows that being a blogger is easy. therefore, he has to have his unique selling point *just like what Mrs. Frances told us! Well, i think he decided that his USP would be to not a mere gossip blog but with additional “childlike graffiti scrawled over photos”. while some people trying hard making bucks by manufacturing computers or other high-tech thingy, he just simply gives sarcastic comments on celebs and well sometimes he makes “doodles” on their pictures. yes evil but at the same time also hillarious! see below

lindsay lohan w/ no-brain-yet-witty doodle from hilton

lindsay lohan w/ no-brain-yet-witty doodle from hilton

drop by his website to see more provocative doodles that are kinda inappropriate to be featured here x)

and he only has one employee! that is his sister, barby. and all she has to do is just correct typos and manage emails. cmon perez! youre making it seem so easy to get bucks. once, his blog was voted as “the most-hated in Hollywood”. *yes he is one of ppl you love to hate. but hmm he is one of those ppl who think that there’s nothing as good as bad publicity. that title made his pageviews sky-rocketed! that means, more ads, more money 🙂

he is now expanding his business to clothing line w/ hot topic *yayaya that famous hot topic, loves it* making appearance in several TV shows, had his own TV show on VH1 and others. it all started from just writing blogs. so ppl, get ready! maybe we can be the next perez hilton! *well better one i hope. but well, PEREZ HILTON IS THE QUEEN OF ALL MEDIA 😀


3 responses to “The most creative person on earth

  1. yes, i agree also that paris hilton is a creative person.
    what is her only asset? her famous last name.
    and what has she done so far?
    she’s made an album, she plays in movies, she’s been in a reality tv show, has 7 perfumes, and has a famous rock star boyfriend.

  2. Haha, One time I read it in the RollingStone Magazine that described Perez Hilton lifes about the controversial and the phenomenal on his behavior. But I kind a forget, Is he a gay? (Sorry if it’s not important)hehe

  3. true. he is very controversial well he makes it. iya dia gay hoho

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