about me

when US sent their troops to Iraq for the invasion in what 2003-ish *i forgot? i sent email to Mr. Bush! HAHAHA. i told him how unnecessary it was to send troops down there and start making fuss at country that you have no right watsoever to interrupt.  i told him that he should put himself in Iraqis’ shoes and thinking about how much suffering they will get because of his act. i told him to remember his family, his GOD! i thought my mail could make a difference that he would be touched by e-mail and stop his action. well, turned out.. they sent their troops aite? i am not really sure that someone actually read my e-mail but back then i was so confident that i could really changed the mind of US president! i do still remember, when i typed those msgs, my hands were shaking from nervous-ness. i was so scared that Mr. Bush would be angry that someone dared to send him such e-mail and kill me or something like that haha. i sent the e-mail to white house e-mail address that i got from internet just few hours before the invasion. silly.

so naive i was haha. and sometimes, i am still naive. that’s me.


2 responses to “about me

  1. hei nda, I amaze that you’ve sent the E-mail to Mr George “F” Bush few hours before the invasion hahahaha… gw inget tu jaman metro tv yang nyiarin detik detik menjelang habisnya masa waktu ultimatum dari bush buat saddam hussein live from iraq hahaha..
    oh iya related with kirim-mengirim surat gw ada artikel yang mayan bagus ttg surat dari us buat anak yang tertimpa tsunami dan sempet di bacain juga ama presiden SBY pas waktu dia ke gedung putih.. gw kirim ke email lo aja ya yang miss sixty oke

  2. hahaha so silly ya jo? jadi malu gw haha

    okay, kirim aja. i’ll look at it l8r

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