creativity on unusual scent?

love it

love it

i just bought this perfume. it has the scent of green mango, lotus flower and so on. well, when i looked at it, something popped in my mind. i was thinking, why there is no perfume that has scent of gasoline? or aika aibon? or sea? or morning dew? or whatever is that?

but dont get me wrong! i mean it is not exactly has the scent of gasoline but well, kind of. i know u guys must think that this perfume will be totally gross but dont u guys like these smells? i think gasoline, morning dew, etc smell so good! * dont know tho whether this is just my nose or it really smells good HAHA. but i think all perfume chemist or whatever should try to make this scent. well, if you guys could manage to make perfume that smells like cucumber like the ones marc jacob did, why dont u guys try this one? well, this could be the new chanel no.5 rite? haha dream on baby! i dont know but sometimes the best idea comes from the crazy ones rite?


2 responses to “creativity on unusual scent?

  1. Ndo, dulu pernah ada lho katanya yang bikin perfume with unusual scent.. Wangi kamar mayat, trus apalagi gitu deh yang aneh-aneh.. Sumpah, ini ada beneran..

  2. parfum bwt nyemprot kamar mandi lo ndoo?
    gw pengen belin lo pewangi deee. senen deh senen!

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