random post ;P

here i am again. well, this blog thing has been growing on me. haa!

just yesterday, i read this news about McCain’s running mate. Sarah Palin. it is said that her teenage daughter is 7months pregnant. when i read this news, i was confused, the reporters wrote the story so evilish-ly that they do not take into account the feeling of that teenage girl. okay, i know people love good dramatic story especially when her mother is the running mate for US candidate but can u guys pls have little compassion? she’s 17 for god’s sake! being pregnant is hard enough and having her pregnancy all over the newspaper is not making it easy for her. so just leave her alone people! get a life! i hate it when ppl only make comment and very judgmental without doing some observation whatsoever. i mean, put urselves in their shoes!

anyway, enuff about the sarah palin. i just wanna share that i am really happy about DSSN subject. it is indeed really good. now i realize that i am surrounded by he is many types of bias and it really affects my ability to make decision. i used to think that i got nothing from what ive learnt from school. tapi ternyata, mm sangat berguna loh! yeah.. susah sih dijelasin but i think u guys feel the same way aite?

well, change the topic should we? mm yknowat, i have this idea in my mind to make write more about food guidance in bandung! i think i am pretty good in this! haha. nice idea aite?


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